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Remote Learning

We understand that there could be times when we need to deliver high quality education remotely – whether for an individual pupil or many pupils. 

If any of our pupils need to access remote learning, we aim to:

  • Minimise the disruption to pupils’ education and delivery of the curriculum.
  • Ensure provision is in place so that all pupils have access to high-quality lesson content.
  • Protect pupils from the risks associated with using an online lesson platform through the internet.
  • Ensure staff, parent and pupil data remains secure and is not lost or misused.
  • Ensure robust safeguarding measures are in place during live online lessons.
  • Ensure all pupils have the provisions required to take part in live online lessons and complete their work to the best of their ability, and to remain happy, healthy and supported during periods of remote learning.

Please see our Remote Learning policy for more information.

Please be aware that remote learning is not appropriate or expected if your child is absent from school due to illness or holiday/unauthorised absence.