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Transition to high school

The transition from junior to high school is an exciting time, full of challenges and experiences for both parent and child. This year’s transition is going to be a very different one from previous years. The information below is designed to help you start to understand what being at High School will be like.

Here are some top tips for pupils who will be starting high school, taken from this site:

  • Many schools organise induction days or social events before term starts. Go along, get to know a few people and check out who is in your class. They may not turn out to be your new best friend, but knowing a face in the crowd is a good feeling. People will want to be friendly – you’re all new together.
  • Buy an alarm clock. Most secondary schools start at 8.30am so if you have a long journey, you may have an early start.
  • Always eat some breakfast, even if you feel nervous. It’s a long time until lunch.
  • Put in plenty of practice at tying your tie. You will need to be able to do it at speed (i.e., after PE) and in a range of styles (long and thin, short and wide…). Then practise putting it on and taking it off without undoing it.
  • If you are wearing a blazer for the first time, don’t let your mum buy it too big. You will need to use your hands.
  • If you are worried about the uniform (skirt v trousers?), take a trip to the school before the summer holidays and check out what everyone else is wearing.
  • Work out your route to school, whether you are walking or taking public transport. Practise until you are confident and time yourself.
  • Buy a big, strong bag. You will have loads to carry and that’s not counting the days when you will have your PE kit. Girls, don’t be tempted to buy a handbag – they are fashionable but they really won’t last.
  • Work out how you will be paying for your lunch – if it’s a card or fingerprint system, make sure you’re topped up for your first day.
  • Does your new school have lockers or will you be carrying your coat around with you all day? If you do, you may need a lightweight one you can stuff into your bag.
  • If you can, find a friend to walk with on your first day. Things will not seem so daunting if you can go with someone.
  • Be prepared to just ‘hang out’ at playtime.
  • Don’t call it ‘playtime’ – it’s ‘break’ now.
  • Try not to eat pizza every day.
  • Find out where the toilets are.
  • Find out your new school’s policy on mobile phones, preferably before yours goes off in the middle of geography.

We have included links below to all of your High Schools. We hope you find the information helpful.

Sprowston Community Academy 

Follow the link below to the transition section of the Sprowston Website

Hellesdon High School

Follow the link below to Hellesdon High School’s website

Taverham High School

10 reason why to choose Taverham High School

Open Academy

Follow the link below to find the transition section of the Open Academy Website :

Sewell Park Academy

Sewell Park Academy have sent us links to their transition videos

Click below for the Sewell Park Academy website

Aylsham High School

Broadland High School

Just One Norfolk

Just One Norfolk letter 

If you have any concerns regarding the transition, contact the High School to find out what they have planned for this year.