Parents and Friends Association (PFA)

Gemma Buck – Chair Person

Sarah Rhodes – Treasurer

Claire Clark – Secretary

As Parents and Carers of children at Woodland View Junior School, you are all members of the PFA. For many years the Friends Association has been a well-respected integral part of school life. Staff and pupils alike have been able to enjoy a multitude of additional equipment from netball posts to laptop computers and extra activities from cinema visits to Christmas parties provided as a result of Friends’ fundraising.

We have for some years adopted a very successful strategy of organising just one main event each term. The fundraising success of the PFA, we believe, has been due to the ability to retain the interest and willing participation of the children and parents alike.

Our overall success however, is largely due to our reliable helpers who, each Friday lunchtime, run the ever-popular school shop. With their amazing variety of stationery, small toys and gifts at pocket money prices, it is not unusual to find the children (and staff!), queuing at the door eagerly waiting their turn to spend.