We recognise that learning happens both inside and outside of school.  We hope that through your child’s Google Classroom account, as much learning as possible can be shared between home and school.

We aim for our children to enjoy sharing learning experiences with you and offer a broad range of homework activities.


Reading at home makes a real difference to children’s progress in school.

We have a broad selection of books for your child to choose from linked to Accelerated Reader as well as books that can just be read for fun.  Ideally, every child will read a little at home every day. Reading books can be changed as frequently as required. When an Accelerated Reader book has been completed this will be followed up in school with an online quiz to check your child has understood what they have been reading.


To support learning in Maths, every child has been provided with a subscription to Timetable Rockstars. Through this fun, engaging interactive site, the children can practice and enhance their multiplication skills. We also use SumdogActivelearn and Prodigy in school and at home to help develop a wide range of maths skills.


Each week in school, classes learn about different spelling patterns and common exception words. We use Google Classroom to share with you the resources we are using to help learn these patterns and words. You child will have some spelling tests but they will not necessarily be set every week.

General support

You can find online games to play on our Learning Links page. These games will help you to practise your skills in English and Maths as well as exploring the curriculum.