School Facilities

Woodland View Junior School was built in 2 main phases; the first phase was in 1969 and the second phase, a 6 classroom extension, was built in 1976.  The library was renovated in 2003.  Our school has a very attractive site which lends itself extremely well to the name of the school – Woodland View.  We are situated on the edge of the large village of Spixworth.

We have:

  • 6 classrooms with interactive boards
  • A fully DDA compliant medical room
  • A fully DDA compliant toilet
  • An outdoor classroom
  • 1 music room/drama room
  • 1 art room
  • Intervention breakout spaces
  • The hall – used for PE, assemblies and at dinnertime
  • A modern library stocked with a wide range of books
  • A staff room
  • A children’s kitchen
  • Portable ICT equipment including i-Pads and Chrome books

The School grounds include:

  • Play areas for netball, tennis, Korfball, and basketball
  • Facilities for athletics, cricket, football, uni-hockey, rounders and tag rugby
  • A large field with attractive views
  • An activity trail (donated by the PFA in 2006)
  • An outdoor classroom (donated by the PFA in 2009)

There are picnic tables around the site that are protected from the sun by parasols in the summer and we are in the process of purchasing additional sails for shade at the edge of the school field. Fencing protects the children on the playground from the movement of cars in the car park and on the road.  Gates are locked to prevent unauthorised access onto the playground and to prevent children leaving the school grounds without supervision. We are in the process of renewing the school entrance gates.