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Aims of Our School


  • To provide a nurturing, happy, fun and creative environment where everyone can grow as an individual, enjoy coming to school and make a positive contribution to the global community.​

  • To value parents and families as learning partners.​

  • To promote a caring, responsible and enthusiastic attitude to learning that will last a lifetime.​

  • To develop confidence, self-esteem, independence, and resilience giving children the skills to cope with life.​

  • To encourage self-discipline based on the understanding of right and wrong and the recognition of the needs of others within the community.​

  • To have the highest expectations in everything we do and encourage everyone to reach their full potential.​

  • To foster appropriate tolerance, respect of difference and of each other whilst promoting a sense of community through the celebration of our school’s diversity.

What is Values Education?

 A values-based school seeks to promote an educational philosophy based on valuing self, others and the environment through the consideration of an ethical values vocabulary (principles that guide behaviour), as the basis of good educational practice. It encourages adults to model values and to give time for reflective practices that empowers individuals to be effective learners and good citizens.


How does this look at Woodland View Junior School? We base our values on RESPECT in which the children have defined.


R resilience

-keep going and never give up, showing determination and strength


E engagement

-being focused and taking part, being involved


S supportive

 -being helpful to one another

P pride

-believe in yourself and to be proud of your achievements


E empathy

-caring and being helpful to everyone, to value our school and the people in it


C collaboration

-work together and to cooperate with each other and talk to one another


T trust

-believe in someone to do the right thing, to be honest


  • Values Word - At the beginning of each term the children are introduced to a new value based on RESPECT.  This word is then explained to the children and it is taught for that term.


  • Classroom Values - All classrooms display our values to allow children to identify with the words and have a clear understanding of what they mean. These words form the basis of many PSHE lessons and team assemblies.


  • Woodland View Values Tree - Our values tree is very important to us. It is displayed in the school hall. Any child who has been able to demonstrate our 'values' will have their certificate placed on the tree for all the school to see. The children are very proud to be placed on the 'Values' Tree.


  • "Magic" Monday Ceremony - At the beginning of each week children who have demonstrated consistently high 'values' will be mentioned in our Monday Values Assembly.


  • Big Picture News - On Thursday, our assembly celebrates latest news stories related to the British values.



 Spring Term - Supportive, Pride

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